Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fisher Price Jumbo Barney Conductor

Height 55 cm


Ikea Alleby Green Snake

Great for decoration or draft excluder.
Long green snake with balck zig-zag.
A black mouthand long red tongue approximately 84” long.
100% polyster with polyfibre filling.
Machine wash.
Do not tumble.

RM25 (Each)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dino (SOLD)


Giraffe go to School


Sleeping Giraffe (SOLD)


Lazy Puppy


White Soft (SOLD)


Give Me a Hug (SOLD)


Russ Bear



Limited Edition.
This is an adorable 2001 Teddy Bear set from Ralph Lauren Polo Christmas Collection. They measure 15" and 8" tall and are Brown on the body.
The bears are each wearing an Authentic Ralph Lauren Polo Knitted scarf .
Teddy is adorable and cuddly soft!
Brand New and Sealed in Original Box




Love n Hug Me (SOLD)


Hug Me Bear


Chirstmas Eve Bear


Branded Teddy Bear

Nearly 30 years ago, North American Bear Company began as a creative business enterprise of a new mother, Barbara Isenberg, starting a family in New York City in the mid-1970’s. Her desire to
find a teddy bear with the nostalgic
charm of an antique toy and a contemporary sense of whimsy for
her own small son prompted the start
of a toy company creating unique, high quality plush bears that would appeal to both children and adults alike.

Find out more at.........

Why Teddy Bear is important

Do you have parents that will not allow you to have a pet? Here's a solution that will please everyone. Choose a Teddy Bear as your very own pet and companion. Caring for a Teddy Bear is easy; no grooming, no feeding, no walking, no clean-up.

How to Choose a Teddy Bear

1. Choose the teddy that you think suits you best. You may want a male bear or a female bear. Select the bear that is just the right size and color for you.
2. Name your bear. Name your bear something that suits its personality as you see it. If your bear is shy and not a talker, you could name him or her "Whisper" or "Tim" as in "Timid". If your bear is loud and outgoing, you could name him or her "Bubbles" or "Burst". You can also name your bear according to its appearance. If he or she is black, you could name him "Midnight", "Shadow", or "Ebony". If he or she is white, you might want to name him or her "Snow White" or "Ivory". You can name your bear whatever you want, just be sure to keep its gender in mind!
3. You can also use names that are for both male and female teddies, like Alex, or Casey. Or, if your animal is a monkey, you can spell it differently and it's name could be Monkie.
4. Take your bear home and write information about your bear on a card or in a small notebook for safekeeping. This information will include the name you chose, the eye color, and the gender. Also write down your bear's hobbies and interests.
5. Make a small "birth certificate" to keep in the notebook or on the card you have started. (Hint: Your bear's birthday is the date you brought him or her home.)
6. Introduce your new bear to all the other stuffed animals or dolls you might have. Introduce your new teddy to your family, too. Set aside a spot in your room, for the bear to sleep or sit when you are away from home.
7. Play with and hug your teddy often. Your teddy will always be there for you, whether you're happy, or sad, or mad, or lonely. Tell all of your secrets to your teddy.
8. Take your teddy shopping with you. You might want to take your teddy to school. (Be sure you get permission first.)
9. Buy or make clothes for your teddy. Treat your teddy with love and caring and your teddy will give it all back to you.
10. Visit our blog frequently and consistently...


Who ever said a teddy bear was just a toy?
Just because you'd had never noticed, it doesn't necessarily mean that all teddy bears just sit in a corner of the room all day doing nothing.
There are, in fact, some quite active ones around.
The teddy bear and any soft toys can be yours and children best friends forever.

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